O_o ... that face doesn't really fully and truly express how i feel every.single.time. i hear somebody say the whole "good hair/bad hair" thing. For years my father would ask me what the hell good hair was. You know what's the worst part? I would actually have an explaination for him. So now that i know better, i don't use those terms anymore because its actually really insulting and we wonder why young african american girls with courser textures feel inferior to their fellow looser textured peers.


Has your hair ever robbed anybody? Has it ever framed you for a crime? Do you keep getting into random trouble that you have no knowledge off because your hair strands sneak out at night?

I really don't care if anyone thinks that's lame but you get the point! I have seen naturals from the loosest texture to the tights coils style their hair and take care off it like you wouldn't believe.

For example: Mwzedi http://public.fotki.com/mwedzi/

Or Sera


( I can't embed Sera's pictures)

Anyway the point is you really don't get any more tightly coiled than these women and THESE WOMEN have some of the most beautiful and healthiest heads of hair that if  have ever seen.

So all you bald halded, broken off ends, no edge having hens can miss me with that "Good hair / Bad hair" talk because its being said out of ignorance. I can understand if you don't know any better but if you do and your still saying it... kill yoself.

Yes, this sounds harsh i know but this is coming from the fact that just about everyday i have struggle with my sister( who has gorgeous natural hair by the way) about how she feels about her hair. She's only 8 and she buys into that "Good Hair/Bad Hair" crap. She's always asking to wear it straight because she thinks its ugly. I am trying to get her to love her hair no matter what.

So to hear GROWN WOMEN saying it...... irks my nerves to no end

When will this "Good Hair/Bad Hair' crap end?



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