UGH! I have no idea who is coming up with all these rules of what is considered natural and what is not but it really needs to stop. It's like 1 person says something and then gets all these droids to co-sign on their asinine theories. I'm sorry but just because you said it and you got a bunch of people who cannot think for themselves to follow and co-sign on it, does not make it law. Your not natural if you:
  • Wear weaves
  • Have hair color in your hair
  • Don't use all natural products
  • Don't live a holistic life
  • Flat iron your hair
  • Not a vegan (or something like that)
.......kill yo self.... You have to be a seriously uneducated person to try to impose these views on people and get mad when they don't co-sign on them. Do your research before you start talking about things that you have no knowledge about whatsoever. Who the hell am I to try to determine whether someone is considered "natural or not"? Different strokes for different folks! The only thing that I don't consider natural is having a relaxer, texlax, or a texturizer. Yes some could argue color but IMO all that does is change the color but it doesn't drastically affect your hair color. Yes its a chemical process but just because she has a color in her head doesn't make her less natural than me! Matter fact. ..*pause* ... I DO HAVE COLOR IN MY HEAD! My hair isn't naturally black, i put a black dye in it. Am i no longer considered natural? And then we have idiots like this who have no idea what they are talking about so they just say anything once people realize they are full of it. [youtube]

"Now your hair is becoming wet and its becoming curly, and its drawing closer, and its looking more beautified, b/c its looking more eye-catching...its not as dry as it originally would be"

O___o ...what the hell are you talking about??

I just had to get that off my chest. What other excuses do people say that someone is "not natural"?

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