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Now don’t let this title fool you, this is no easy feat. It takes a little preparation and planning ahead, but it is possible to look fabulous straight from the gym. If you have a busy schedule, like most of us do, sometimes you find yourself running from one place to another. And if you workout after work sometimes you don’t have time to go home to get glammed back up to go out on that date, meet friends, go to that networking event, etc.  You can get dressed and look FAB in no time flat when leaving the gym by following these simple tips: Plan Ahead! I can’t stress this one enough. Know your morning routine and what it takes for you to get ready. I say morning routine because depending on your workout (in addition to taking a shower) you may need to wash your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, etc.  Carry all of those essentials in your gym bag. I know it may seem like a lot, but if you get travel sizes of everything it’s not so bad. My gym bag is HUGE I carry literally everything in there. I could get ready for a freakin red carpet event at the gym if I needed to! Here is a short essentials check list to have in your gym bag at all times Outfit If you are going out on the town, try and bring something to change into that doesn’t wrinkle easy. This will save you some stress getting ready at the gym. If you don’t have an item like that, try and “re use” items from your daytime work outfit. This way you don’t have to pack as many things. For example, at work you would wear a cute black pencil skirt, a button up, cute belt and work appropriate shoes. For your after work outfit, wear the same skirt and belt and just change the top and shoes to something cuter. Don’t forget to bring alternate accessories.  Another tip is to keep a pair of black heels in the car. They ALWAYS come in handy to dress up an outfit at the last minute. Hair I know this is the biggest obstacle. What to do with your sweaty workout hair. If you have weave, that’s an easy fix. If you have a perm, are transitioning or are natural and pressed and don’t want to take the 30 minutes to do your hair, I would recommend wearing a half wig. These are PERFECT for a quick, cute hair style on the go. Here is a tutorial on how to customize your curly half wig here. The tutorial for the straight one is coming soon! If you are natural and wear your hair curly, do a wash and go. If you don’t like the way your hair is looking fro’ed out, try a simple cute updo. Make Up After your workout your make up is non-existent. Be sure to always carry your makeup essentials in your purse or gym bag. If you are in a rush, try the five minute face. Hopefully these tips will help you go from the gym to glam in no time! Stay fabulous ladies..
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