I always have the pleasure of running across some wonderful naturals on twitter. Jaye Ellis in particular is not only a fav of mine, but she is also a natural hair stylist who is gracing us with her presence with this guest blog post. 1. Hair Typing This whole Number-Letter systems thing seems great on the surface; Being able to identify with someone who’s hair is similar to yours is great right?  Wrong,  it’s actually misleading and confuses people. Most natural stylists have no idea what you mean when you sit down and say “I have 4a hair” We “type hair by density, texture, and wave/curl pattern. No two heads of hair are the same. 2. Incorrect Detangling Treat your hair like you love it! Tearing through DRY hair with a comb is a big no no. The best way to get tangles out is by thoroughly saturating your hair with water and conditioner then create smaller sections to make it manageable for you to COMB, not brush through. Never brush wet hair, use a wide tooth comb starting at the ends and work your way gently to the roots. 3. Coveting The Hair of Others Thou shall not wish you had someone elses’ hair! There is nothing wrong with the way God made yours. It’s OK to have “hair idols”; I love when people bring pictures of styles they like.  But it’s disturbing to hear: “If my hair doesn’t look like *insert celeb name here* I’m getting a relaxer.” There’s no style that cannot be done on natural hair. There is a way to achieve whatever you look want with the right tools, products, or stylist. The options are endless! Love yourself, and BE YOURSELF! You can follow her on twitter JayeEllis
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