Happy Natural Anniversary!

Alex Shares Her 2 year Hair Growth

On July 4th, I celebrated my second natural anniversary. It has been 2 years since I cut off all my permed hair and embraced my natural curls. Yay!!   I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly! I am so thankful I took the plunge and followed Whitney on the natural hair journey. My goal was grow longer hair, while Whitney’s goal was to grow thicker hair. We both accomplished this mainly to being healthy, active and using our staple products. Being active and natural is a completely different ball game. Let me also add, I didn't want to lose my style or "swag" either. I am glad to have made it this far with healthy, thick and long hair. Here are a few photos of the journey.     After the Big Chop, my hair grew like weeds! I loved this style and length at 6 months.     My hair was in an odd state when it hit the 1 year mark. I had several types of curl patterns and learned a valuable lesson on “shaping and trimming” my hair.     My hair finally hit the great ponytail puff stage at a 1 year and half year mark. I loved it! I also learned less products and a simple routine was important for my hair. This was my favorite look while working out and training for a 10k.     Yeah I know I look crazy! LOL I took this photo to show the the height of my hair after a quick wash and over night dry. I need a trim badly but clearly you guys can see how much my hair has grown. Oh, and in less than an hour, my hair will shrink LOL   Here is a close up of my hair. I am styling it back to my “normal” look. This is one reason why I love my shrinkage. It hides a lot of hair without much effort.   I saw this photo after my mom took it for me. WHOAAA!! I didn’t realize my hair was that long. I have caught up to Whitney’s length! This is my length after 2-3 hair cuts. Each cut, I have had about 2inches of hair cut off. Not to shabby!   Here are the 5 ways I grew thicker healthy hair.   1) Education – I read a lot about the science of hair and the proper way to care for my hair type. I took webinars, read lessons and even studied on what female athletes were doing with their hair. I don't speak from experience, I learn so I can apply and also speak with some real knowledge. 2) Ayurvedic Hair Care  – I incorporated a lot of ayurvedic oils and powders into my hair regimen.  Whitney’s knowledge in this area rubbed off on me. As I saw the results on her hair from those juices and berries, I eventually tagged along with her. It really made a difference! Seriously our products work! Proof is in the photos. 3) Vitamins – I take a daily biotin supplement to promote hair growth. Every day all day! 4) Nutrition – Hair growth starts from the inside out. I eat a healthy, balanced diet and I workout 5 days a week. This makes such a huge impact on hair growth. 5) Moisture – Due to my hair type, my hair dries out like water in the dessert sun. I moisturize all day every day. Thus, as many of you know is how and why I developed Sporty Afros  G+ spray. G+ spray is like Gatorade for your hair. Trust me, you will become addicted to it! After having my mom (she is a hair stylist and in the above photo) look at my hair, I will cut about 2inches off my hair. It’s a bit too long and my ends need to be trimmed. I need a good shape so I can continue to embrace my wash and go’s. I will also do the following…
  • I will continue to have my ends trimmed every 3 months. This will help keep my ends healthy, snagged free and also re-shape my signature look.
  • I will up my biotin dosage and/or include  healthier foods for optimize hair growth.
  • Keep my routine simple. My hair grew significantly with less products and weekly ayverdic deep conditioner treatments. I am taking the “loc” approach.
  • Wear my wig during the week and let my hair be free on the weekends.
  • Focus back on natural protein treatments every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Continue to see my hair stylist (aka mom) when needed to ensure my hair is balance and prepare for coloring. Yes, I am coloring my hair soon! yay!
Oh by the way, my mom is now natural. Kindda cool! This Texas heat will have you cutting off your hair too! LOL
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