Or so you think Or so WE think. I have days that include me looking in the mirror and fighting the air because what i see is not always the most desirable thing. If you all have been following me, you will know I'm currently trying to fix this train of thought on my weight loss journey. As a matter of fact, i look in the mirror sometimes and go "KILL IT! KILL IT BEFORE IT REPRODUCES!!" #DontActLikeYouveNeverDoneThis We have this perception of our bodies that we THINK men have and we run with it. It's the same with our hair. And before yall come on this post with that bullshit talking about "I don't care what a man thinks" All i'm going to say is DONT This isn't for you #ForeverAlone "a man ain't shit" chicks because EVEN YOU know you don't mean that. Because while you may get dressed for yourself, and to feel better(sometimes), let's not sit here and act like men don't matter because if they didn't express what their perceived definition of beauty is, your ass would be cringing in a corner somewhere lost and confused in the world because you don't know who to be. I'm talking to YOU chick who's reading this post and swearing that she doesn't care but clicked on this post anyway and is going to read on because you want to actually know what a man thinks. Moving along...

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