Up Next we have my loving older brother, Joshua Davis aka @Blackw_ter , on his views about women. Now before yall get all up and arms about this, I'm talking to you grammar police, just know that these interviews are candid. I like to leave them just as is. It feels more natural that way to me. And yes, he's very much single. What is your name and your profession? Tell us a little bit about yourself.. Joshua and im an artist; professional photographer, producer, grammy award winning shower singer, habitual line stepper, and a young philosophical mind. What is it about a woman in her natural state that attracts you the most? When I say natural state, I'm referring to her not having anything altered on her . Just how she looks when she is relaxing around the house. Josh: Im gonna assume we are referring to a female ive already acquired some sort of strong connection with already if, in fact, i am seeing her in her lounge wear.. so imma take "what is the low end theory" for 500 alex!, because imma and acknowledge her eyebrows and face, but the real magnetism will be caused from the thighs, hips, and ass (buttcheeks for whoever may be sensitive). Lounging around the house attire vs being dressed to the nines. Which one do you prefer and why? Josh: i prefer a balance between the two, there's a time and a place for both spectrums of attire. When its lounge time, im gonna be in my sweats, or in my draws chillin (depending on how i feel) I'd prefer her to follow suit. When its time to flex on these hoes, im gonna be sharp enough to cut niggas and id prefer her to follow suit.
A lot of women pay attention to what men go crazy over as far as a female's appearance is concerned. We kind of take that and say "ok this is what's attractive so I want to attain this". Makeup is a huge part of this and most men swear they don't like makeup but that's part of the image that yall buy into. Do you think the vast amount of changes that we put ourselves through is even necessary? Are we wasting our time getting dolled up? How do you feel about women who wear makeup all the time? Josh: From a personal standpoint, i believe that the initial reason for the existence of makeup was for stage acts for actors and actresses characters, in essence turning the wearers of this makeup to someone else. With that being said, i think the mentality attached to wearing makeup ALL the time, for corrective purposes, stems from either; insecurity or self avoidance or both. All of which, i personally am not an advocate for. I currently have a cosmetic skin abnormality located on my arms, which is exposed on a daily basis, and the looks i get from the opposite sex aren't exactly that of disdain (lol). Now i could choose to cover it up with makeup of some sort, clogging my pores and forcing my body to over compensate for cooling elsewhere on my body. I could even just take the insecure route of wearing nike sleeves everywhere i go, or even just long sleeve shirts with every outfit, but for one it is HOT in new orleans, and two this is who i am right now (i say right now because im working on getting this cleared up naturally) and i accept that. I dont guide my life by the opinion of others. I take into consideration, what people may say, i decipher the energy attached to the statement and react accordingly, or not at all. I think most women should understand that because they are women, that they are already a work of art and their beauty manifests itself through personal confidence. Now for the record, i am not against makeup, im against the mental disorder attached to it via societal standards set by media. Women tend to want to have the video vixen body so we complain a lot about what we have. "Oh we have to many stretch marks" "My stomach isn't flat enough" "I have too many rolls and back fat is gross" and the biggest one "I need more ass".The obsession has become so ridiculous that we get injections to attain this standard of beauty. Oh and let's not leave out waist trainers(I use one so don't be too rough LOL) From a man's perspective, what do you think about this standard of beauty that we try to attain? Is it ridiculous or not that far fetched? Are you as critical about our bodies as we are? Based on the behavior of some men, do you feel like you all have given women the perception that this is whats considered to be "desirable"? Josh: I think everyone has their own mental image of what they want to look like. Whatever image it is you have for yourself in your head, its perfectly attainable, naturally. The thing is tho, so many "get fit quick schemes" have been put in place and advertised on a repetitious basis, so now this option to achieve that standard of beauty which was seemingly far fetched is the norm. Truthfully, i only support people wanting to look and feel a certain way for themselves, not for acceptance by societal standards. Do it for your health, your own comfort, and your own peace of mind. I support the gym, not waist trainers, not ass injections, not breast implants. Work for what u want naturally, this world does not love you. They'll sell you rat poison if they knew you was gonna pay for it. As I said before, we are very critical of ourselves and we magnify our physical flaws from an ant to an elephant. How do you view a woman's physical imperfections? Do you even pay attention to it? Josh: Only thing i probably pay attention to, is eyebrows (lol). If they not looking crazy or abnormal i could care less about a woman's self imposed mental obstacles to accepting herself. SEE ALSO: He Hates Your Backfat and Your Naps…@504DubbBeats Natural Hair. In recent times, more and more women have started to go natural and the fellas don't seem to thrilled about it. We get that you guys are used to the wigs and weaves but we don't want to go that route anymore. What do you think about the switch? Josh: Im all for it, i absolutely love it. Its healthy, its gorgeous, and best of all to me, is its part of who you really are. The fact that women stood up and started embracing that about themselves has my soul elated. Yes to NATURAL everything!
Assuming that you like natural hair, do you like it long, short, fade, ect on a woman? Are some of the things we are able to do to our hair new to you? Josh: I like it however it looks good on that particular woman. People are very dynamic, and its wrong and unfair to say you like one hairstyle on all of them. Some women look better with short hair, while others look better with long, some women can even pull of no hair marvelously! It all depends on the person. In the natural hair community, very kinky hair is often ignored and regarded as ugly. It's been called "texture discrimination. Does the texture or curl pattern of a women's hair have any bearing on how you view her beauty? Any additional thoughts on it? Josh: Im not at all an advocate for any type of discrimination. Beauty is not linear. Beauty is as dynamic as people are, and its very subjective to every single different person. Now, people can be brainwashed through repetition into changing their personal perception on beauty, thus making it linear, but are you gonna think for yourself or have someone else in control of how your brain works? Both of those women are beautiful, and their hair looks wonderful and healthy.
How do you feel about weaves? Most men complain that they can't put their hands in it mainly because we don't want you too but it also feels "fake". What is your take? Josh: Im a very hands on type of person (lol), id much rather the hair she came into being with. When I was a teen, girls, for the most part, wore their own hair. Nowadays almost all teens are wearing weaves, worrying about their bodies and really trying to live up to the superficial "Real Housewives" standards. Do you think women are setting an unrealistic tone for the generation under us? Josh: Yup. I know we have talked about a lot of physical attributes in this interview and that's cool but I'm pretty sure no man wants an idiot. What are the attributes of a woman, for you, that make her most beautiful on the inside? What mental attributes would make you "put a ring on it"? Josh: Im weird, like very weird, like i look at some of the things i do and think to myself, "damn Josh, you really weird" (excuse my profanity).. so i would need her to be able to deal with that while having a true concept of love for me at the same time. I talk, alot, so i would need her to be able to reciprocate that conversation so it doesnt sound like a lecture or police questioning haha. She has to have an open mind about possibilities and be somewhat in tune with herself. Throw a good sense of humor in there and a willingness to learn and we good to grow! For most young ladies, her father's opinion of her shapes and molds her for the future.
If you had/ or have a daughter and you saw her trying to attain these current standards of beauty that we try to live up to, what would you tell her? Please take peer pressure, social media, and television all into consideration as influences on her mind and how she views herself Josh: I'd educate her on who she is and where she comes from. I'd tell her about the motives behind the false standards put upon her on a constant basis. I'd tell her that until she loves her like i love her, she'll be forever trying to live up to these standards that change with the seasons. I would encourage her to be the influence and not the influenced. And i would hammer that in on a repetitious basis so that it becomes apart of her life and anything other than it would be living wrong.
Where can we find you on the net? (IG or Twitter)
Josh: My instagram is @blackw.ter and my twitter is @blackw_ter
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