I'm not sure if you ladies remember Drew, but he had a viral video a few years back in the natural hair community called "Natural Hair: Yo Boyfriend Don't Like It"

It was pretty popular and i've never seen so many grown women lust over one man... Like... Seriously... But anyway, he and I follow each other on twitter and talk weekly so I thought it would be a great idea to feature him in this series... So without further ado.. Oh yea and he is SUPER  single ..lol  

 What is your name and your profession? Tell us a little bit about yourself

Drew: My name is Andrew, people call me Drew sometimes. I'm a YouTube comedy vlogger for the Sjsafety18 channel. I have a second YouTube channel: DrewComments . I basically make videos talking about stuff and people find them funny. I'm a former football player and a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University.When I'm not making videos I'm lifting weights, watching football, reading, or being thirsty on Instagram. I just be double-tappin like it's going out of style.

What is it about a woman in her natural state that attracts you the most? When I say natural state, I'm referring to her not having anything altered on her . Just how she looks when she is relaxing around the house. Drew: The thing about a woman in her natural state that attracts me is that it's pretty much her default setting. There are no special effects, no extra dressing, no real life filters; this is where everything begins for her. What I see at that moment is square 1, anything after that is just an enhancer. That's why I say if a woman is fine at her natural state then there's no room for disappointment, only room for excitement. Lounging around the house attire vs being dressed to the nines. Which one do you prefer and why? Drew: When it comes to lounging around the house attire or being dressed I pick being dressed and I'll tell you why. I think lounging around the house is freakin sexy, as long as the t-shirt she has on is clean. It's really awkward seeing your girl lookin good and then having your eyes drawn to that ketchup stain on her shirt. Like "baby, is it laundry day or somethin?".But being dressed to the nines is my favorite because that only happens when you're going out and you see her in the form you probably saw her in when y'all met. That's a reminder of how you felt at the start ; plus seeing her looking better than all the other women out in public makes you feel like you have a living, breathing, grand prize trophy.. with a booty. LOL A lot of women pay attention to what men go crazy over as far as a female's appearance is concerned. We kind of take that and say "ok this is what's attractive so I want to attain this". Makeup is a huge part of this and most men swear they don't like makeup but that's part of the image that yall buy into. Do you think the vast amount of changes that we put ourselves through is even necessary? Are we wasting our time getting dolled up? How do you feel about women who wear makeup all the time?
Drew: I think the changes are necessary to keep things interesting. If we date and you NEVER get cute/dolled up or whatever, I'm gonna be like "this bland face boring chick. -__-" I mean imagine if we men never shaped our hairlines and beards, Most men need to how to shape a long beard with simple steps. Theres nothing wrong with excitement and a little change of pace. We men watch football so we definitely should be able to appreciate change and audibles and what not. You gotta stir the pot sometimes. Now, women wearing makeup ALL the time is interesting because, to be honest, some girls use it as a crutch to hide blemishes in their faces and it's not something I can really blame some women for. Then there are other girls who are just so SICK with the brushes that they wear makeup just to show off. My friend Ellarie is like that. Shawty is the truth for real. Now MY girl, wherever she may be, won't NEED to wear makeup all the time. I hope I'm with a girl one day who wears it because of choice. I also personally believe makeup should enhance, not transform.  

Women tend to want to have the video vixen body so we complain a lot about what we have. "Oh we have to many stretch marks" "My stomach isn't flat enough" "I have too many rolls and back fat is gross" and the biggest one "I need more ass".The obsession has become so ridiculous that we get injections to attain this standard of beauty. Oh and let's not leave out waist trainers(I use one so don't be too rough LOL) From a man's perspective, what do you think about this standard of beauty that we try to attain? Is it ridiculous or not that far fetched? Are you as critical about our bodies as we are? Based on the behavior of some men, do you feel like you all have given women the perception that this is whats considered to be "desirable"? Drew: I think yall do THE MOST with this standard of beauty. The video vixen look is overrated to be honest. I didn't say it was bad, cause they do look good, but that's not the ONLY way to look good. Video vixens turn into Big Momma by age 40. The way we guys lust after those women it's easy to see why women would want to look like them. Waist trainers are my least favorite thing for women. Those things rearrange your organs in a way they weren't designed to go. To me nothing can replace a regular workout regimen and a balanced diet.
I'm not as critical about women's bodies as women are. A small roll somewhere doesn't phase me, probably because the only time I'd see it would be during sex and the last thing I'm thinking about at that time is finding an imperfection on her body. If I've made the decision to have sex with you, your body is probably fine by me. Now I DO prefer the track body on a woman. Girls built like that are usually what I go for. If you look like you run the 1, the 2, or the 4 then I shalt thirst. I like my ladies with a lil muscle definition too. Can't mess with me and be afraid to lift weights. Also I don't need a girl to have a big booty for me to be interested. I think a lil booty is nice too. So all you lil butt ladies out there, I see ya. As I said before, we are very critical of ourselves and we magnify our physical flaws from an ant to an elephant. How do you view a woman's physical imperfections? Do you even pay attention to it? Drew: As far as a woman's physical imperfections, if I like her then I don't see them. They seriously disappear. If you have a stank attitude then it's all I see. I WILL say that I will notice a flaw and use it as consolation if you decided to diss me when I holla.  So I may see a girl who I think is BAD, approach, she says no, and IN MY MIND I'll be like "wit her crooked teeth. Look like her smile doin the nae-nae." I'd NEVER say that out loud though. I'd just say "it's nice meeting you" and promptly walk away. I haven't been dissed in about 9 years but should it happen again I'll handle it gracefully. Natural Hair. In recent times, more and more women have started to go natural and the fellas don't seem to thrilled about it. We get that you guys are used to the wigs and weaves but we don't want to go that route anymore. What do you think about the switch? Drew: I've been pretty outspoken on my YouTube channel about natural hair. I love it. Like I said earlier about being special effects-free, I think that's what natural hair is. You get to see what the real her is like and you get to see what kinda hair your baby might have if your pull-out game has an off(Strawberri Commentary: Yall is he serious??? O__o )Plus nothin like bein able to play in your girl's hair while yall sittin down and chillin.. in church lol I'M KIDDIN! LOL But chillin with your girl while she got a fresh braid-out is really nice.
Assuming that you like natural hair, do you like it long, short, fade, ect on a woman? Are some of the things we are able to do to our hair new to you? Drew: Length isn't really that big of a deal to me. As long as your face is built for what you're wearing you hair like then it's all cool. I think women with high cheekbones look excellent with short do's, for example. I'll date a girl if she's BSL, SL, TWA, as long as her face is nice, her teeth are white, and her breath don't stink we good. How do you feel about weaves? Most men complain that they can't put their hands in it mainly because we don't want you too but it also feels "fake". What is your take? Drew: To me wigs/weaves are like Christmas lights on a house. They look good for a lil while and they're necessary for a season, but at some point you gotta take it out. You can't have it in year round, like come on now. Imagine how crazy your house will look with lights on it February. Wear your weaves/wigs responsibly and with care. No tracks should be showin, blend your edges, and get the kinda closure you get when you go to a wake a view the body. Far as I'm concerned if you paid for it, then it's your hair.
In the natural hair community, very kinky hair is often ignored and regarded as ugly. It’s been called “texture discrimination. Does the texture or curl pattern of a women’s hair have any bearing on how you view her beauty? Any additional thoughts on it?
Drew: Texture/curl pattern doesn't really matter to me. My ex who taught me about natural hair during her journey was 3c/4a. I dated a 4b girl one time. I know 4c ladies with nice hair. It doesn't matter to me. Just keep your mane moisturized. Even if you gotta keep a water bottle on you, do that. When I was a teen, girls, for the most part, wore their own hair. Nowadays almost all teens are wearing weaves, worrying about their bodies and really trying to live up to the superficial "Real Housewives" standards. Do you think women are setting an unrealistic tone for the generation under us? Drew: Absolutely it's unrealistic and it's wrong. Girls aren't being taught how valuable they are simply for being born female. That's a divine and prestigious appointment. These girls are taught to value their looks above their character. They are taught that being combative and "crazy" is a sign of strength. They're taught that a man's love is never genuine, and that's an easy message to get across when so many have fathers who abandoned the family. Some even are taught that men stay because of a woman who delivers great sex, then they're already shaky foundation is rocked when the guys she does EVERYTHING sexually with still leaves. So yeah there are very dangerous messages being fed to our young girls.
I know we have talked about a lot of physical attributes in this interview and that's cool but I'm pretty sure no man wants an idiot. What are the attributes of a woman, for you, that make her most beautiful on the inside? What mental attributes would make you "put a ring on it"? Drew: Oh this is easy.. the intangibles that'll earn a woman a ring from me.. Relationship with The Lord, faith in His Word, optimism, dreamer, great communication skills (if you have an educated diction and can switch into sista girl mode at will, I will go to Kay Jewelers after the 5th date.. no shade LOL), spontaneity, silly sense of humor, interest in sports or a willingness to learn, athlete mentality, and an enjoyment of music (if she likes hip hop I'll love her immediately.. in real life lol) For most young ladies, her father's opinion of her shapes and molds her for the future. If you had/ or have a daughter and you saw her trying to attain these current standards of beauty that we try to live up to, what would you tell her? Please take peer pressure, social media, and television all into consideration as influences on her mind and how she views herself Drew: I have no children yet but I'd remind my daughter who she is. All I'd need is Proverbs 31:10-31 That in addition to tellin her how men REALLY view those "Real Housewives" should set her straight. My daughter will know EVERY trick guys use; from the thug to the nice guy. Most of all she'll know how much I love and value her. I used the word "remind" because everything we'd talk about would be stuff she's been taught by me her whole life.
Where can we find you on the net? (IG or Twitter) Drew:Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @sjs856  Blow my mentions up. I love to talk to people and exchange ideas or jokes.

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