Or so you think he does.... Yanno, from doing these interviews I'm finding that we ladies tend to make these things up in our mind of what a man wants, physically anyway. Or it could be the simple misdirection that we are constantly given from images on TV. I'm hoping that these interviews gives a different perspective. It may not change ALL of our thoughts but it might provide some insight... Which might spark a thought... Which might spark a change... Enter Mr. Steve "Dubb Beats" Wade who is a friend of mine and my own personal fitness motivator. His interview is a little different because he's actually engaged to be married pretty soon and he runs a relationship/lifestyle blog called Mr.Baggage. And he has some pretty funny tweets about relationships as well  

What is your name and your profession? The name is Steve Wade or Dubb Beats of Dubb Productions. I’m a Music Producer & Engineer at Inner Recess, Personal Trainer and Creator of the lifestyle blog MrBaggage.com. What is it about a woman in her natural state that attracts you the most? When I say natural state, I'm referring to her not having anything altered on her . Just how she looks when she is relaxing around the house.

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