[gallery columns="2"] Hi ALL! I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. :-) I am one of your newest hair bloggers, Moxie Black and I am SO excited to be involved in our online "Strawberri" world!  To quickly give you some background on me: I have been natural my entire life; YES, my entire life. Lol, this was a conscious choice made by my parents & by the time I was "allowed" to relax my hair; I didn't see the need. Although I have never had a relaxer, I am QUITE familiar with the press-n-curl & all it's trappings. Over the years, I have learned many "tricks of the trade" but; yearn to learn more. So, with this introduction; I promise to continue to learn and grow with you and will keep our interactions HONEST. :-)  I am drawn to our wondrous curled tendrils because, I see the deeper connection behind women embracing one's natural hair. I find the beauty in the crowns we have been donned and strike an awesome feeling of pride when I twist, shape, or allow my hair to run free. I have seen woman around the globe develop this sense of pride as well and I am deeply moved tointeract and speak to them. So, whether you're transitioning, considering going natural, or have been natural for years remember; you are BEAUTIFUL the way you are & if you need help to remember or maintain that truth along the way, we're here for ya!  I can't wait to learn and GROW with you all! P.S. I included a picture of myself  so, you can place a name with the face.  :-) If you want to know more about me, check out my blog: www.moxieblack.tumblr.com ~ Moxie Black
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