@davneroyail asked via twitter: Shrinkage, and my hair sucks up EVERYTHING I put in it! It's always so dry!! Strawberricurls Answer: Shrinkage is just a way of life for us naturals! You should embrace it! But in the event that you just don't want to deal with it, don't feel like you should have to, and just like to see your length, I have some methods that I use in order to stop my hair from shrinking as much. In my post, 5 Ways to Stretch Hair and Reduce Shrinkage, I highlight several ways that you can stop your hair from shrinking. Check it out! As far as your hair bring dry, well i also have a youtube video about this. It could be a number of reasons why your hair is dry. Check it out! I hope this helps hun! Follow me on Instagram: Strawberricurls Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: The Strawberricurls LIKE Me on Facebook: Strawberricurls
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