Hey all! Teaching social media has definitely become a passion of mine. I get questions all the time asking me "Well how did you do it?" "How can grow my following?" Then there is always the discouraged folks who feel like there not "good enough" or that it "would take too long" Look loves, I am a 6 year blogging veteran who JUST got around to taking monetization seriously. In the last blog workshop I did, I let you guys meet one of my teachers, Brandi Riley, who taught me that this whole "blogging thing" doesn't have to be that hard. Just as blogging itself isn't hard, growing your social media following isn't hard AT ALL You just need to consult with Galaxy Marketing that guides you to how to focus on your time and attention on what works and what doesn't work. If you are not familiar with me and your new to my blog let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle Allen and I am the owner/editor/ CEO of Strawberricurls.com. I have been blogging for about 6 years now and started at a REALLY young age. I was about 21 when I began blogging and did it for a very long time "just because it was fun". It wasn't until recently that I started to seriously monetize my following. Here are just a few of my social media stats Facebook - 35,000 Twitter - 44,000 Instagram - 52,000 Pinterest - 19,000 In this workshop I will be sharing the following with you - How I buy instagram followers - What steps I took to do it - How to leverage other Instagram pages to your advantage - What has worked for me - Working with brands to your advantage See the beauty of social media is its not a "you have more followers than me so I suck" situation. It's more so of a "let's share our followers and grow together." I've done twitter chats with others to "share the pie" and the results? An 8 million impression twitter chat called BeautyBChat. You can check out the glorious twitter stats of that chat here. There have been times where I have felt like "there wasn't enough to go around" but that's just not true! This is the internet. This is why I'm holding this workshop! I want to share with you what I have learned in hopes that you will "pay it forward" and share a piece of the pie. [Tweet "I'm ready to learn how to grow my social media following!"] The workshop is $35.  The date for the live workshop has passed but you can STILL purchase the replay along with the powerpoint that comes with it! Subscribe to my newsletter to get blogger tips to your inbox and access to my blogging FB group
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