For the longest time now, i have been trying to get my boyfriend to do a interview about natural hair because he is not a big fan of it at all even though I am natural. We have been together for 5 years and baby when i tell you the 1st year that i was natural was a learning curve for him because he was so mad when i cut all my hair off. I was actually afraid to show him so when i BCd , i immediately put braids in my hair because i didn't wanna see his reaction. When he finally did see it......... so yeaaaaaa..... still didn't stop him from touching it though. Here we are and i am now in my 2nd year of being natural, 1 year and 9 months to be exact and he finally agreed to do this. It was actually spur of the moment but hey, doesn't matter, he did it. DONT JUDGE HIM! He is just being honest about how he feels and i know how we can get in arms if one wrong this is said so please have an open mind when reading this. This is HIS opinion and he has a right to it. I just don't want anyone leaving nasty comments on here. Daniel: u dont want me to write no post bout natural hair Elizabeth: lol Elizabeth: ya uuhuh Daniel: its gon be short n sweet Elizabeth: topic? Daniel: Per dat krinkly shyt!!! The End. p.s. this message was approved by the owner of StrawberriCurls Daniel: Perm Elizabeth: hol up Elizabeth: i thought u had converted over Elizabeth: i thought u liked my hair now? Daniel: i like a few of ur hairstyles and i make not like what a perm does to women hair but that silky straight hair has my heart, Sawwy Elizabeth: yo heart? Elizabeth: lol! Elizabeth: u cant be serious Daniel: :| Elizabeth: dude i have straightened my hair many times at the end of last year Elizabeth: its a work n progress.. i get better n better each time i do it Elizabeth: n my hair now looks wwwwwaaayyy better than it ever did when it was permed Elizabeth: but no seriously, you want to do a small post for me on how your views have changed about my hair since it grew out? u ca be completely honest Daniel: nah not really Elizabeth: :( Daniel: n my views on hair arent directed at u Daniel: i just like the silky hair Elizabeth: well im not saying they are but im just basing it on the fact that i am the only chick u have had to deal with directly as far as hair is concerned Elizabeth: and lets be honest, u dont act half as bad as u did when i first cut it all off Daniel: i didnt like the "natural" look way before i started talking to u Elizabeth: ok, has your views changed on it any at all since i have been on my hair journey Elizabeth: n dont laugh at that Daniel: only that i see a few natural hair styles i like Daniel: u could actually use this conversation as ur article since u interrogating me Elizabeth: lol.. im not interrogatting u Elizabeth: well hell since we already talm bout it Elizabeth: Did you know natural hair was as versatile as it is? Daniel: nope, but with that being said i dont like majority of the "versatile" styles Elizabeth: Name some styles you like Elizabeth: besides the ones i already know Daniel: i dont know any ones besides the ones u know, YOU introduced me to them, remember, I damn sure dont sit there and study natural hair Elizabeth: lol.. ok the one i had the other night at the party was a bantu knot out Elizabeth: u said u liked that one Daniel: i wont remember that Elizabeth: ok Elizabeth: lol Elizabeth: thats fine Elizabeth: i know u like the straight look right Elizabeth: right thats established Daniel: well to be fair i havent seen it straight straight just bushy straight Elizabeth: ~gasp~ bushy straight? Elizabeth: how straight u lookn for it to be buddy Elizabeth: ? Daniel: -looks for Asian hair pics- Elizabeth: I KNEW THAS WHAT U WERE DOING! Elizabeth: I KNEW IT! Elizabeth: i was just sittn here thinkin "this boy bout to send me a link of some asain silky hair" Elizabeth: so thas not straight enough for you? Daniel: i mean its cool, but my preference is straighter Elizabeth: |-( Elizabeth: u want this straight Elizabeth: that i aint learned how to do yet Daniel: you cant be mad about it, Afro American women started it, yall been frying n perming yall hair since slavery ended, now a couple hundred years later a few decide they wanna go back to the "natural" look and you expect men to just up and change the preference we've been conditioned to love just because yall all Pro-Black c'mon son Daniel: now that's some hair! Elizabeth: i know right Elizabeth: ..i feel kinda played though Elizabeth: cuz that wasn't ur reaction to mine Daniel: bet she dont let her man put his hands on it tho Elizabeth: but yea she's natural Daniel: smh @ Black women Elizabeth: LMAO Elizabeth: u just made that assumption!! Elizabeth: u dont know that! Daniel: assumption made on history Daniel: yall do all that stuff to ur hair to attract men then dont want em to touch it... betcha Su-yen or Diana let their men run all up and through their hair Elizabeth: lol!! Daniel: but i support the "Natural" movement maybe my grandsons will have it as their preference but as for grandpappy its ((emo)) all day Elizabeth: i let you touch my hair Daniel: when u get it how that woman has hers i bet that stry'll change Daniel: story'll Elizabeth: lol that's not true Elizabeth: i let u touch it now! Elizabeth: its not gonna change just cuz i got better at straightening it Daniel: n u DONT let me touch it when its styled, only when its in those transition stages Elizabeth: u never ask when its styled Daniel: cuz i know better Elizabeth: lol! but if u never tried then.. how would you know Daniel: u've told me dont touch a few times Elizabeth: i have no memory of that Daniel: i bet u dont |-(   *******UPDATE************ Check out Part 2! His response to everyone! 
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