So apparently Louisiana didn’t get the memo that its supposed to be Spring time because we’re definitely experiencing full on Summer weather right now! There’s a cool breeze here and there, but we’re already dealing with 90 degree weather that I honestly could do without! I am not in charge of the weather, so I cannot do anything about that. However, I am in charge of my wardrobe and I can make any adjustments to that as I please! Same goes for everyone else! Just because it is hot as a stove in hell’s kitchen outside, that does not mean you can only wear shorts and tanks. Spring and summer, despite the temperatures, are my two favorite seasons because of all the fun wardrobe options that we have. Sundresses, rompers, halter tops, skirts, etc. are all great, cool options for this time of year. Also, all of the great shoe stores/brands start putting amazing sandals and wedges out that just complete the look! Despite there being many wardobe options for this time of year, there a few things that you should keep in mind when making wardrobe choices. A few bits of advice: Pick cool fabrics It’s not necessarily the sleeve length on a top or the length of a bottom that will determine whether or not it will cause you to have hot flashes and break out into a sweat. 9 times out of 10, it’s the fabric that determines your “cool level”. Some fabrics will create warmth for your body, such as fur, wool and fleece. You can also try fabrics with prints on them as some san diego printing companies can do custom prints. On the other hand, there are great fabrics that can be worn during the warmer months of the year that will make the heat less intolerable such as cotton, silk, seersucker, and linen. Avoid dark colors You ever notice that during this time of year, a lot of the popular colors tend to be pastels and sorbet shades? Well, it’s not because of Easter. The weather/climate plays a major in role in color choices for apparel. White or light colored clothing is a good choice because these colors reflect the sun’s rays. Black attracts heat and dark colors attract mosquitos. So unless you want to deal with sweat and mosquito bites, avoid wearing dark colors. No more heavy shoes Let’s just be honest. Our feet sweat. If we wear heavy shoes such as boots during the Spring/Summer, we will notice that at the end of the day we will remove our shoes and find sticky, sweaty, smelly feet. Who wants that? I know I sure don’t. In order to avoid that hot mess, wear shoes that are season appropriate such as sandals, open-toe flats, espadrilles, etc. There are so many different heel heights, fabrics, and colors that we can choose from in order to look cute and keep our feet cool!  Some fun, warm weather friendly looks             Sundresses or maxi dresses with dressy sandals, shorts/tank tops with colorful sandals, and rompers with wedges/high heel sandals are also great combos!       So put away those heavy fabrics and dark colors and put some light and airy fun into your wardrobe! Dont forget your sunblock and sunglasses! -Courtney
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