As kids, our mothers used to twist our hair in big bulky twist and decorate it with bows and barrets. Well, i was shocked to find out that a friend of mine just couldn’t seem to get her twist right. Maybe it’s the fact that i have been doing hair for a while now. Not professionally but i do have 4 younger sisters. I was bound to be in somebodies hair. As a matter of fact, i recently twisted my 7-year old sisters hair and it took me about an hour to do her whole head. Well here is what i did and if you don’t know how to twist, then this should help!
  1. Co-wash or clarify, based on your on regiment.
  2. Blot the hair with a towel. DON’T wring it out just blot it
  3. Put a leave-in conditioner in your hair and get some olive oil, coconut oil, or whatever you use to seal your ends. I used coconut oil in her hair and it left it incredibly soft. Her twist felt like air!
  4. Start from the back and make the part according to how small or large you want your twist.
  5. Separate the hair in two strands and start at the very top ,aka the root, grabbing as much hair as you can so you can have frizz free roots.
  6. Wrap one strand around the next and continue until you get all the way to the bottom.
  7. Once at the bottom, apply your sealant to the ends of the hair and twist the ends of the united strands around your finger to define a slight bit of curl!
DONE! The more you do it, the better you will become at it!
  • DO NOT use any type of gel to twist your hair with. All it will do is make your hair curl up and not lay flat while your twisting.
  • DO NOT start at the middle of your strands with the twist. If you don’t start at the root IT WILL NOT come on like you think it will.
  • DO use some kind of wet set pudding if you are TRYING to acheive a set with the twist, if not, then don’t do it.
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