Let's be honest here, Bey is ruining the game for ALL OF US! If your familiar with her song "Flawless" by now you have probably heard the line that every woman is going around saying "I Woke Up Like This".  

This heffa is putting up false expectations and standards that NONE OF US are going to live up to and here is the reality

Here is my problem with this...

 I don't wake up like this

or this

or this!

I woke up like this ...

and this..

and this

Do you know how much WORK goes into turning me from the wicked witch of the west in the morning to a bombshell!? How DARE Bey take that away from me! Everybody can't afford to have somebody there when they wake up to do their hair and makeup every morning and then turn around and say "I woke up like this" BEY! STOP GIVING THESE MEN FALSE HOPE! WOMEN DON'T WAKE UP LIKE THIS! STOP TAKING MY PRECIOUS HARD WORK FOR GRANTED. If i "woke up like this"  then i wouldn't have to spend money on foundation, primer, lipstick, concealer, and whatever other ridiculous beauty product that cost me more money than I actually want to dish out. I WISH i woke up like this. That would be a COMPLETE time saver. I would have saved soooo much money if my face was pre-made "like this".
Waking up like i ACTUALLY wake up in the morning is ROUGH! Cold in my eyes Drool all over my pillow Scratching myself If i didn't wrap my hair the night before, you can just call me Fredrick Douglas 

So BEY STOP TAKING AWAY MY MASTERPIECE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS DAMNIT! We don't wake up like this and neither do you

~drops mic, walks off~

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