Yea, i know the title of this is so lame lol but i couldn’t help myself.

My own personal hair journey is something that i have had to stop obbessing over so much because i will look at my hair, length check, look some more, length check again, look some more, check this check that… UGGHHH!!!! I had to reprogram some kind of way and put my energy into other things as well.

Summer is over so school has started again and I will put a lot of energy in school this semester and I’m back to working out because I stepped on the scale and ….yea… that’s how that cookie

I am bunning and PS’n my way to APL and i have got to say that by NOT paying attention to my hair length all the time, i am impressed by the growth that my hair has obtained

Here is my bun on ‎08/08/2010

And here is my Bun on 08/21/2010

Sorry for the quality of the last pic. I took it on my web cam that can be really crappy when it once to be. Well its almost the end of August and this is what i have achieved so far. Me likey :)

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