Last October, Kanye West premiered his first fashion line during Paris fashion week to less than flattering reviews from fashion critics. Personally, I wasn’t entirely disappointed with his first effort. However, I did see the flaws that critics were pointing out. The clothes weren’t fitted to the models, the looks seemed to be for different seasons, the cuts/fabrics seemed cheap, etc. After hearing the reviews, Kanye's initial response was one of anger and accusations of "unfair" treatment. However, once those feelings wore off, Kanye went back to work.

                                           (looks from the first show last year) Five months later, Kanye West released his sophomore line at Paris Fashion Week 2012. This time around, Kanye's line received better reviews. The line looked better assembled and showed the growth that Mr. West has obviously experienced since his inaugural line. The fabrics seem to have better quality. There seems to have been more focus on the intricate details that were lacking in his first attempt. Also, the styling of the models for the fashion show showed major improvement. This time around, it looked like a real, high end fashion show. I, for one, was impressed and applaud Mr. West for his efforts.

                                              (looks from latest fashion show) Recently, Kanye also released shoes that he designed with renowned Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. He currently has two sandals, a simple black pair that cost about $900 and a more embellished white pair, that retail for….wait for it… $5800! That’s at least half a year’s worth of rent for some people! But, if you have that kind of money to throw down on a pair of sandals, go for it!

I am impressed with Kanye’s fashion attempts this time around and I wish him much more success in the future. I also wish he would create a lower priced line at my favorite store Target. Kanye West for Target has a nice ring to it. Im just saying.

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