So i am going through all of my products because i'd just finished doing my hair and it was kinda dull. Blah. I used oil to take it down ( it was a chunky twistout). Im sitting here thinking to myself why does it look like this -___- You ever had those days where your hair just isn't what you want it to be no matter WHAT you do to it. Well yep this was one of those days. So i was sitting around thinking about what i could possibly do to it to livin it up again and then my mind started to wander. I suffer from a serious case of ADD. Lol. Then i remembered that i used to use oil sheen and  i started to wonder why i ever stopped using it.~shrug life~ But anyway, i looked in my mass product closet And lo and behold, i found this Optimum Mineral-oil free oil sheen! Who would have thought! Im telling yall, random packages always appear at my door and to be honest i never know who they are from. I just pick up the products and store them in my closet. I usually come back later if i want to try something new and just see what i can try. Anyway it turned to be really good oil-sheen. I love the fact that it doesnt have mineral-oil in it so build up is less likely but i didnt go H.A.M with it. It was a nice change from the norm. You know sometimes you just have to visit the oldies!

What about yall? What old products have yall revisited and used in recent times? DONT LIE! You wont get stoned and judged lol

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