Yall, it's getting serious. My birthday is Feb 19th and i am going to the Drake Concert on the 25th for it. I WILL look good on this day. So many years i have said, "oh im going to be this size when i turn this age or this size or that size" It's not that i was trying to lie about it, it's just that i couldn't muster up the energy or the drive to do it. That was until i stepped on the scale and realized that i am now lbs. O___O ! My reaction was like WTF?!? How did that even happen!? Ever since i got home i have been doing nothing but eating ANY AND EVERYTHING. Yes i would stop myself and throw in some veggies here and there but it wasn't anything major or consistent. I would run maybe twice a week at the most but to have maintained this weight loss is astounding to me.  I feel like i should be at least 176 or something. I actually lost 2 lbs through all the madness. #Pause. There are some drawbacks to eating what i want though and doing the bare minimal exercising.
  • I'm not as tight and toned as i was when i got back home in August
  • I can't run 3 miles without taking a break
  • It is EXTREMELY difficult to stick with Insanity again once you have stopped
  • It's hard to stay away from sugar and all the bad stuff once you start eating again
I guess they don't call it a weight loss journey for nothing. It takes 3000 cals to burn 1lb of fat off. So far, my Cardio Trainer (app on android phone) says i have burned 1500 in the past 7 days from running 2 miles for 5 days. That's not too bad. I burned half a lb. Hopefully it won't sneak back on. SO the plan is 2lbs every 2 weeks. I may be underestimating that goal but i find that it is better to underestimate weight loss goals than to OVERESTIMATE weight loss goals. Then my friend you are setting yourself up for failure. If you don't have any goals at all, your setting yourself up for failure as well. Today i went to the store and bought
  • Green tea (tea bags... crap i forgot to get lemons -___-)
  • Orange Juice
  • V8
  • 2 cases of 24 12 oz Dasani waters
I have a big of corn on the cob , corn in cans, peas in cans, stir fry mix and chicken in the freezer. I mean of course the cans aren't in the freezer. The green tea is for the sugar cravings. I usually sweeten it with half honey and half sugar. But i forgot to get honey too -_________- .. so it will just be sugar. I don't use a lot though. I drink it with my lunch. In a nut shell? PLAN: LOSE 2LBS IN 2 WEEKS BY JAN6TH (I STARTED ON DEC 23RD), LOW CARB, RUNNING IN THE MORNING, RUNNING UP STAIRS IN THE MORNING, DOING INSANITY AT NIGHT OR ABOUT 2 HOURS AFTER I COME FROM MY RUN, INTAKE TONS OF VEGGIES, TONS OF WATER I know somewhere in there i am going to have some chocolate or something because i would be lying if i told yall that bullshit lie that i won't be eating any ice cream or sugar but i will let you know when i do it :) If your new to my blog, check out my post Summer Weight Loss Results: From 180 Lbs To 170 Lbs, Boobs Be Gone! to catch up on my weight loss journey so far! I will be taking before and after pictures as well as measurements on my next weigh in. Hopefully at the next weigh in, im166 lbs. I BETTER BE! HHJ ladies!
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