We all have one, heck; we're even entitled to one, a bad hair day. Yet, no one's hair is bad. Unfortunately, the stigma of "good" hair versus "bad" hair has plagued our community. Whether you've been a victim of, partaken in, or have chosen to silently maintain the sentiment; the concept is one worthy of removing. Unfortunately, this concept and a myriad of other thought patterns have led many of us paralyzed with fear to allow our hair to be in it’s natural state.  There are fears of a natural do not being beautiful enough, elegant enough, professional enough, or just ENOUGH. To anyone grappling with this fear, I urge you to consider this concept instead. As children we were taught to: not eat junk food, eat what is NATURALLY grown like; fruits and vegetables OR to not fake who you are to gain friends but, to be who you NATURALLY are. Why would one not take the same approach with their hair??? Our hair is magnificently curled, coiled, kinked, and waved; all attributes unique to each woman yet all the same. These tendrils need not be relaxed, straightened, or flattened but; need to be embraced, nurtured, & exemplified. So, I challenge all ladies who read this post, to daily look in the mirror & find an attribute of your hair that you can be confident about. :-D Whether you catch your reflection in a store window OR you catch a glimpse of yourself in the rear-view mirror OR you’re wrapping up your locs for the evening, find confidence in the curls at the nape of your neck OR how soft & silky your tendrils feel OR how thick & luscious your coils are. On this daily challenge to build or sustain confidence in your natural hair, don’t be shy; share your thoughts & revelations with me.  I can’t wait to hear from you all! :-) ~ Moxie Black
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