Wearing one print can be very tricky for some. Knowing which colors to pull from the print in order to accessorize it, if you can accessorize at all, or which other color garments would go best with that print can be overwhelming. Now add in another print. Has you anxiety level increased? For some, that’s just too much to even attempt. However, many others are taking part in this trend. For example, my friend and fellow LSU Fashion major, Brittany!   Mixing up prints is a hot trend. Many designers have done runway shows that are filled with looks that are mixing prints (Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, DVF, and Miu Miu ). It’s one of the more difficult trends to follow though, because knowing which prints are “ok” or cohesive with each other can be a tough job. It also takes a very bold person to mix prints. You cannot be a wallflower that is afraid to take fashion risks and pull off mixing prints. Your discomfort with taking that risk will overshadow the potential of the ensemble. So, if you decide to throw fashion caution to the wind and want to mix some prints, be just as bold as your print choices.                Not every print goes well with each other. Do not hear “mixing prints is in” and think ‘Oh, I’m going to put on this top with palm trees all over it and wear it with this skirt that has snowflakes & stripes all over it.’  That just won’t look so cohesive. So, how, you ask, would one know how to put prints together? Well, I’m here to give you the answer so that you can mix prints and create some edgy, fun, new looks!
  1. Colors are important
During your first attempt at mixing patterns, try mixing a piece that has a lighter or neutral color with one that is bolder or more eye-catching. Let the color of one piece pop, while the other piece creates an aspect of “calm” in your ensemble instead of having 2 colors that are almost competing for attention. Another good color tip is to pair prints that are within the same color group. The boldness of the prints will not seem as sharp if the other prints are closer to the same color.  2. Dots and Stripes work well together May sound odd, but they create such a contrast to one other that it actually works when done the right way. This is usually a good way to start mixing prints before jumping into more complex prints such as tribal or animal prints.     3. Proportion, Proportion, Proportion Knowing how to play with the size of the patterns is important. Certain sizes can create an illusion of something being smaller or larger than it actually is. For example, pairing thin stripes and thick stripes can create a balance, emphasize your waistline and distract the eye from certain “problem areas”.  Place the prints where you want attention!    4. Option To Separate One easy way to wear prints and not feel as if the look is too overbearing, separate the prints with a solid item. For example, if you wear a printed top then wear a basic pair of slacks or jeans and then wear a printed shoe. The separation of prints decreases the boldness of the mixed prints but you still get the same edgy effect.    5. Test out textures PLAY! Get out all the printed articles of clothing that you have, get a full-length mirror, turn some music on, and just have fun! Mix the pieces together and see which print combos work for you. Figure out which combinations are aesthetically pleasing to you and what you are comfortable in. At the end of the day, your comfort in the look is the most important. Like I said before, your discomfort in a look can overshadow the potential of that look!     For information on any of the items featured or more fashion tips email me at cocosfashion@ymail.com! -Courtney
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