Guest Blog Post by Theresa!

There are 3 items I swear by.

Crème Brulee from BeijaFlor Naturals is basically an essential.  Matter of fact I need to buy some more tomorrow…  I digress. What I really love about the Crème Brulee is the hold it gives to my hair and its amazing smell.  I feel like I don’t have to use any type of gel or whatever to get definition and it(the product itself) lasts for a while. I almost always purchase the family size because frankly 8oz lasts maybe a month? I’m not sure.  I think the one draw back might be is that it can have a bit of a greasy feel but not product buildupy.  For example if a touch my head and get product on my hands I probably just rub it on my hands as a lotion* or even perfume if I’m feeling extra frugal. *Crème Brulee functions as a body butter/lotion moisturizer and smells AMAZING.  I’m not sure if it’s allowed for that but c’est la vie. My second must have is conditioner from seller Selective at Jasmine’s Bath and Beauty on Etsy.  The product can be used as a leave in or cream rinse and I cannot tell y’all how many comments I’ve received on the scents. She offers so many different choices and the bottles are all under $10.  I typically use this when I detangle in the shower maybe 2-3 times a week (my hair has been knotting at the strand level so methinks tis time for a trim).  For me this product gives enough moisture in the shower that I don’t necessarily have to use anything else.  Again the scents are so varied and smell like deliciousness.  I’ve also used the bottle remnants in hair spritz that has been nice. Overall I’m taking my natural hair journey/self discovery as I feel many people I have encountered do.  That said, what moisturizers are part of your go to regiment? @petitoignon
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