I finally got around to doing my curlformers set and i must say.. Me Likey... I started off with completely clarified hair. My tools were a ratail comb, duck bill clips,spray bottle filled with water, Naturalista Cosmetics PHD Spray, and LottaBody setting lotion. I sprayed my hair with the spray bottle and the PHD spray to detangle. As I used the curlformers, i added the LottaBody to each section. I slightly twisted the hair so i could put it on that pain in the ass hook before i pulled it through the curlformer. Eventually, i got the hang of it but off the bat, the damn hook was pretty annoying. It took about an hour to set my whole head, which isnt bad IMO. I sat under the hair dryer for about 45mins. I thought i was going somewhere thats the only reason i even bothered. Believe me i HATE that damn hair dryer. I ended up sleeping w/ them overnight and they weren't too uncomfortable. Today i was supposed to go somewhere but that got cancelled as well so i ended up taken them out earlier than i expected too. I must admit i was quite annoyed walking around with those all day so they had to come out. The curls were really soft and bouncy. My hair felt like butter so i was really impressed by that! And the greatest part of all... ZERO HEAT! You dont need heat to do this. As i said, sitting under the hair dryer was my choice and optional so you don't have to do it. I separated them and it created a slight bit of frizz but it wasn't nothing too terrible.   I decided to pin some back and put in an a flower. I really do like them though!
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