Hello my lovelies! Anyway, i have had my hair put away for about 3 weeks now and its going on a month. I don’t know how long i will have it put away but its braided down.

I have been washing,conditioning, moisturizing, and sealing as usual while its in braids. It is starting to get a little fuzzy at the top but nothing a scarf won’t fix.I love this so much that i have no idea when i will stop the madness and actually take them down. The intial plan was to only use these braids for a braid out but then i remembered i had this wig so i was like, why waste a good set of braids??

The half wig I have been wearing is called New Born Free Kelly. I have bought this wig through hell and back and its still intact! I wake up in the morning, moisturize my hair, and pop it on. Hell im thinking about not taking this wig off till about December. And then im still not sure.

If you don’t know then you SHOULD know that half wigs are a great way to protect your hair and give it a break. And lord knows i need a break from my hair.

 So many people have stopped and asked me if this was my hair. The 1st 10 times i said no and explained myself but umm.. yea im tired of doing that so until i feel like telling the truth again, i just say thank you.

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