Hello loves! As you know i live in New Orleans and it is SO humid here especially in the summer which leaves me little to no desire to do my hair. Well for the 4th (even though i didn't go anywhere) i decided i was going to curlform my hair anyway but what about this damn humidity? Ah! I have the answer! As much as i don't like to use gel on every style i wear, in order for me to preserve it in this weather, i MUST use gel but not to make my hair hard or stiff, but to give it staying power. Curlformers are my go to style when i can't think of anything else. Products used: Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel (Purchase here) Pure Shea Butter  (Purchase here) Yes and that's it. Keep it simple and quick. I set my hair and i ended up being under the hair dryer for like 2 hours UGH! Next time i do a curlformers set it's definetly getting done at night. I hate hair dryers :(. My hair was really soft when i took it done and shiny! Yes i have a tutorial on this . I won't leave you all high and dry like that lol. The only difference between this method and the method i use in my Curlformers tutorial on youtube is that i didn't use gel on the youtube tutorial because it was winter time. No need

Anyone ever used curlformers? Let me know in the comments below!

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