How long have you been natural and when did you BC?   
* Well my story is a little unconventional. Most people map out their natural hair journey ahead of time, not me. I had been contemplating going natural for some time but it always seemed like something I would venture to do in the future. One summer afternoon while taking a nap I woke up out of my nap with the unction to GO NATURAL. Despite the fact that I had permed my hair about 3 weeks prior and there really wasn’t much new growth I decided to cut all my hair OFF. That was in June 2009. Honestly I still had some relaxer in my hair so I kept going to the barbershop weekly to get my haircut. I would say one month later in July 2009 was when I successfully got rid of the relaxer in my hair and truly began sporting a low cut natural hair do.

What are your staple products and hairstyles?
* I love Carole’s Daughter’s products. I mainly use the tui oil, tui shampoo, hair butter and hair milk. For conditioner I use Silk Elements Mega cholesterol. I also use Hawaiian Silky and Garnier for leave in conditioners. I live in Miami so wash n go’s can really be worn year round since it doesn’t really get cold down here; that’s the style I sport the most. My hair is pretty curly so it ends up looking like a curly ‘fro by the time it dries. I sometimes like to experiment with other styles like the fro hawk, twist outs or flat twist but mostly I wear wash n go’s

What are your natural hair goals?
*I can’t wait until my hair grows into a huge curly afro. My hair is pretty thick so I’m excited about my hair getting long and sporting it in a giant afro.

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?
*Ugh! I tie my hair with a silk scarf when I sleep at night. I’ve never tied my hair down so much in my life. When my hair was relaxed I never really tied my hair with scarves because I hated sleeping with something on my head. Now that my hair is natural protecting my hair at night is a MUST. There is an obvious difference when I tie my hair at night and when I don’t. I also have a silk pillowcase which I don’t use as much because I toss and turn a lot at night so my hair gets frizzy, though it doesn’t get dried out.

How do you maintain length?
*I try to maintain my length by always detangling and combing thru my hair daily. I’ve found that after my wash n go dries, using a pick to pull out the roots but not the curls at the tip actually helps to elongate my fro.

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.
*I went natural because I was tired of relaxing my hair and very curious what my natural hair looked liked. My relaxed hair was very nice. I never had trouble with it being brittle, dry or never growing but I was just really curious about my natural hair.  
* I love being natural because of the versatility it offers me. One day I can be curly, the next I can be straight if I so choose.

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