How long have you been natural and when did you BC?

My last relaxer was August 2004. I had noticed how dead, broken, and flat my hair had gotten and decided to go natural. I think the reason why I was so successful is because one of my good friends decided to do it with me.  If she had not of been there I’m not sure I would be natural today.
I never BC’d.  I was always to afraid to do it.  At times, I’m lazy when it comes to my hair and if I can’t put it in a ponytail then it won’t be cut any shorter.  I just let the relaxer grow out of my hair and got it trimmed when I could afford it.  I commend the women who do; it just wasn’t for me at that time.  I’m sure I could have done it.  In fact, I think about doing it now, but we shall see.

What are your staple products and hairstyles?
My staple products are Hello Hydration, Shea butter, and Olive oil.  I try to switch up and use Pantene Relaxed and Naturals when my hair gets used to the Hello Hydration.  I try to keep it pretty simple.

What is your regimen?
Pretty Easy, I co-wash once a week.  I de-tangle in the the shower with lots of conditioner and separate my hair into 4 big twists.  I leave my big twists in and drain as much excess water out as I can. I air dry for about 20 mins and instead of trying to remove the rest of the moisture with I towel I do it with a t-shirt.  (it supposed to alleviate frizz)
For the most part, I do a lot of twists outs or curly ‘fros. With the sections I have from washing, I just make smaller twists.  I take them out in the morning and fluff or style the twists I have.
When I’m lazy, I do a puff or put french twists in my hair. (I hope that made since) I don’t do to many wash and goes because the curl pattern on my left and right side differ to much.

What are your natural hair goals?
I don’t have too many natural hair goals.  I just want to keep my hair as healthy as possible.  Since I have been on this natural hair journey I am learning to keep my hair and my body healthy.

How do you keep your hair intact overnight?
I sleep with a satin scarf or a bonnet on my head.

How do you maintain length?
I guess, I maintain length by not worrying about how long it is.  I’m not sure it’s too long at the moment.  Over the past couple of years, I have done my best to stop applying heat to my hair and wear it in it’s natural state more often.

Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural.
I love being natural because my hair is very versatile.  If I choose to straighten it it looks great and if I choose not to I’m still beautiful.  Although, I have been natural for a while it took me a while to learn that straight hair doesn’t make me beautiful.

Peace and blessings

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