I Am Officially A Licensed Cosmetologist! Yall I have taken this text THREE TIMES! After taking it the second time. Let me take yall through very short walk. The whole reason I started this journey was because I have always been taught that through the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that I, not just as a woman, but as a person should have a trade or a skill. You can always get fired from your job but nobody and I mean nobody can fire you from a skill. When I started this blog, my intention was never that but as time progresses I started to see where this could be MY skill and MY trade and I could have the opportunity to show that what Jesus had taught me was real and the truth. See my God requires me to actually prove in my actions that I believe in him, not just say because Faith without WORKS is DEAD. Somewhere, down this road, along this line, I lost sight of that and everything around me started to get in the way. I failed the test 2 times, TWICE! I thought to myself how could this happen like this if my heart was in the right place when I started this? I was ready to quit I was ready to give up But my other half encouraged me to keep trying regardless and without that encouragement, I would have never taken the test and never tried again. He is truly my partner yall and I love him dearly Get a man who supports your dreams and tells you to get your ass up and try again when you don't want to I thank the Lord for this man.. literally.

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