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Ive experienced many great moments in life...from financial gain to educational pursuits. So many accomplishments but to be honest one of my favorite moments in life was the day I decided to go natural.  Seriously.  Whats the big deal?  Its just hair...nappy hair at that.  Well when I went natural a few things happened.  I saved money (LOL!), I did what I wanted to do and most importantly I was set apart from everyone else.  It caused me to stand out...something I have always wanted to do.  It made me different and though it isn't the only thing that defines me as the awesome woman I am, its a big part of who I am.  I made the statement that "I create my own trends and I wont be bottled into society' s beauty standard" #POW!  Now I look around and I am not so alone...everyone and their mama is natural...I love it! Finally, others have caught on!
The best thing to me about hair and especially natural hair is that it is VERSATILE! Now that isnt a message that has caught on just yet.  I wanna encourage you natural girls to DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR HAIR! That puff is not enough....
Do you know there is more to natural hair than an afro...
Switch it up sometimes....I love to see girls wear up-dos, twist outs, fro-hawks, rod sets or a simple bun.  YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! Its your world! Lets show the rest of the world that our natural can not only be trendy but professional as well.  Depending on your profession....your huge fro may not be gotta be able to flip from urban to corporate measures  :).
Here's some of my favorites.... Who doesnt love Janelle Monae's hair?  Here is a tutorial for this look...its real easy and looks so great! .
Im still working on this one myself...but Bantu Knot Out styles when done correctly look sooo amazing.....heres a great tutorial Im a big fan of versitility as you can see..... Im not saying dont wear a puff ever again...Im just saying switch it up sometimes...have fun with it!
Dont really know what to do....its OK!  Natural hair stylists are becoming more popular everyday! If you are one determined to be a home stylist like myself....check out is a paradise for how to videos.  Just type in "natural hair" and you will be occupied all night long....literally.  I may even post never know.  Also check out the links on my home page under natural hair....some really useful links!
Hope this helps...dont forget to comment and subscribe!
Till Next Time...
Keeping my Crown Shiny :)
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