We will do this for 6 weeks Mon - Fri! The one hundred pushups program only has us doing it 3 days out the week according to there sheet but you can make up your own sets 2 days out the week. The other 3 you have to follow the program Ok the rules are as follows!
  • You can do girl pushups or regular pushups
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Remember to stretch
  • Check In everyday during the week on this post
  • Subscribe to this post , if you don't know how, ill be glad to help you with that.
  • Follow the 100 pushups program
  • You can also check -in everyday via Facebook or Twitter
Make sure you state any issues you may having!  We are here to support and help each other out!

The official start date is 08/19/2011! So enjoy your weekend b/c come monday we are getting it in!

If you want to join in, comment on this post and subscribe to it!

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