I have got to get back on track with my hair. I must admit, I got sooooo lazy these past few weeks. I just have been everywhere with my hair

Anywho, I revamped my regimen in order for me to free up time with my hair but i still have to find a still that i can do weekly because i just do not believe in twisting hair every week.

Here is my new regimen

Clarify & Protein treat every 3 weeks

Oil rinse 2x a month & DC 2x a month ( i’ll oil rinse one week and then DC the next)

Roux Porosity Control 4x a month

Baggy 3x a week

Henna once a month

Moisturize and Seal 4x a month ( i will be PSn like crazy so i don’t feel the need to do it more than this)

Style once a week

Now i just have to pick a day out week to do it. That’s pretty much it! Are you going to revamp your reggie?

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