Hola loves! I recently tried out the Aphogee 2- step protein treatment and it's definitely a keeper for me. My hair has been breaking like crazy and I know it's part neglect (#GymLife) and part lacking something in my regimen. Repairing damaged hair has been a bit tricky for me considering this color that I have in but since the color is almost gone I figured I should revamp my regimen right now. Enter Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. I decided to change it up a bit and try this protein hair treatment as opposed to my regular egg and mayo concoction... I have to say.. I won't be going back to the latter. You can add this before or after you shampoo. I did it before because it was a day that I knew I would be using clarifying shampoo. As soon as I added my deep conditioner my hair felt amazing!! When you initially put it in you have to sit under the hair dryer and it makes your hair really hard but once you rinse it out and add a deep conditioner? #Butter If you are taking a stab at repairing damaged hair whether it be from color or heat damage, aphogee needs to be in your arsenal but don't get the 2 step protein hair treatment confused for the 2 minute reconstructor. The 2 step treatment is meant to be much much harder and more effective than the 2 minute reconstructor. The 2 minute one is more of a "quick fix" which is fine if you need something like that but my personal preference would be the 2 step treatment.  


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