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It may seem like the proper time to embrace being fully natural and to free your scalp of those chemical tresses. However, it is important to realize that there is not only a physical adaptation with becoming fully natural but a mental one as well. With those cute curly, kinky tresses will also come naysayers, mean comments, and pure ignorance. This is quite sad because this is the hair that is growing out of your scalp and no other race has to deal with such close-mindedness. Also, if you cut too soon you may be left with limited styling options and have other difficulties such as going through the natural hair awkward stage (hair is too long to be a TWA but too short to make a bun) that can have you running back to the creamy crack with a vengeance! Here are some signs that you are NOT ready to Big Chop. 

I’m not sure or I’m scared.

This state of mind is not a good sign that you are ready for the potentially hurtful comments that can occur from being natural. Ignorance can cause people to be mean and it is important to realize that people are saying things out of ignorance and to not take it personally. These people, whether them being friends, strangers or even family have no bearing on your self worth. You must have enough inner strength to let it roll down your back like water on feathers. I know that this is easier said then done. I had an experience during my TWA phase when someone referred to me as one of the people in the Color Purple. It was really hurtful but I realized that I did not care what ignorant people said, that I was happy with my decision to embrace my natural texture. If you are not are ready to deal with the good along with the bad, maybe it’s not a good time to BC 
I can’t braid, twist, cornrow, flat-twist, rollerset etc.

Teach yourself how to braid, cornrow, flat-twist, roller set etc. These are quite useful for natural and textured styles. You will save yourself a lot of agony if you already have these skills BEFORE you BC. If you don’t have these skills, it will make being natural much more frustrating because of the lack of styles that you can produce. You will be forced to rely on other people which is never a good thing. Become a Do It Yourselfer, this is very important in the natural hair care journey.  

I’m obsessed with hair type, when I Big Chop my hair is going to be 3a/3b/3c

If you are not prepared to have a hair texture that may be kinkier a la 4a or 4b then maybe you should not Big Chop. People are so consumed with having what ignorant people call good hair that they are devastated when they BC and it is not what they envisioned. Healthy hair is good hair no matter what your hair texture or density is. Please be prepared that your new growth may not be what your hair texture will be when you Big Chop. Braid outs and Twist outs are a great way to achieve the uniform texture that you desire. 

So in conclusion there are many important factors when deciding to BC. You may want to consider transitioning long enough to be able to have adequate natural hair to make a ponytail or bun. This will increase styling options and allow a quick and easy hair style that does not take a lot of time. I know that throwing my hair into a bun is very useful. In any event, if you are thinking about chopping your hair to a TWA, consider the above points!  

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