By Sporty Afros The other week Alex took me to the Asian grocery store. And I must say, it was quite an experience. They have so many interesting foods in there! Stuff I’ve never seen before. Not to mention it was pretty affordable, which was AWESOME. Here are a few pics from our shopping trip.   First, we started off with some bubble tea (Asian tea with tapioca balls at the bottom). I’d never had it before. It was different, but good.         We saw so many fruits and veggies we’d never heard of!   Look how cheap this fruit plate is…Why do they charge $5 for this at Krogar’s? #imjustsayin They had a person making fresh Kimchi…. This ad just looked weird   Anyone up for some Horny Goat Weed tea?! Why would you name your product that?     I was over in the fish section playing with the crabs… Seriously? Why would you stick a metal stick in your ear? Isn’t that a little dangerous?   Our total came to about $20…. Fun times!
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