Ann writes: About 3 months ago I had a friend flat iron my hair. Sad to say, she burned it. Of course I was devastated (I had been natural & heat free and loving it for a year). After doing research on how to fix the situation, I decided to cut it down and start again (this would be my second big chop). When I cut it off the first time, I went to a bad hairdresser and she left burned strands all over my head. After that, I went to my friend and he fixed it up some. Now that it’s growing back, however, I can see that the texture has changed. Also, it sheds more. What should I do? Honestly, it sounds like you are starting with a WHOLE NEW head of hair hun. When you start from scratch, any damage that you have done is long gone. It sounds to me like your really new to this and so is your hair. You need to get a regimen going that involves deep conditioning, protein treatments, co-washing, washing, moisturizing, and sealing. I personally deep condition once a week or once every two weeks and do protein treatments once a month.  Protein treatments will defined strengthening your hair and stop the shedding but you need to use a good moisturize as well as sealing about 3x a week to really restore the moisture in your hair and that will stop it as well. Don't skip deep conditioning either b/c this penetrates the hair shaft and allows moisture to get deeper into it.

Do you ladies have any additional advice for her?

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