How long have you been natural and when did you BC?
I’ve been natural (this round) for 4 years and counting!! My 3rd and final try has been the most successful! I decided to let go and did the chop in the beginning of 2008.
  What are your staple products and hairstyles? At all times there’s raw shea butter, essential oils, coconut oil, and other oils filling my cabinets. I love mixing my own products to use. As attached as I am to my puff I try to avoid it to preserve my edges *sniff* French Rolls with crazy bangs, twist outs, and different styled two strand twists are probably my main go to hairstyles. What is your regimen?  I honestly don’t follow a strict hair regimen. One constant I do stick with is to wash my hair once a week and to moisturize and/or condition daily. I listen to what my hair wants and take it from there—if my scalp is itchy/dry I oil my scalp, if my ends feel dry I concentrate on getting them properly hydrated, etc. What are your natural hair goals? My ultimate goal is to have waist length hair! At the end of the day I pride myself on having healthy hair no matter the length, and this is a top goal that I try to maintain overall. How do you keep your hair intact overnight? If I’m trying to preserve a style I’ll use an oversized satin scarf, or bonnet. No matter what, there is always a satin pillow case on my pillow, and even if I’m napping on the couch I make it a habit to grab it. How do you maintain length? I maintain length by staying very aware of what’s going on with the ends of my hair. Since they’re the oldest part they sometimes need the most attention. Staying hydrated, keeping my ends moisturized, and protected when possible all help. I also stay on top of trimming my hair. Taking preventative measures help in the long run and with length retention.   Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural. I was chemical free when I was younger—to me my hair was stronger, longer, and healthier than when I was relaxing it. I decided to go natural again, because I was tired of thin hair that was broke off easily, was hard to grow, and, in my opinion, hard to maintain. A few reasons why I love being natural are the feeling of increased confidence, being carefree, and unique in my surroundings, and making new friendships!
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