Hey yall! I know, i am soo wrong for taking so long to post this but i have been busy and i had to make these little collages that i just did not feel like doing. So the results are in and my goal over the summer was to lose the last 30 lbs. Well as you can see, that didn't happen. I did end up losing 10lbs though. When i started this journey, baby when i tteeelll you i was 200 LBS and that was in October 2010. I am now 171lbs as of August 2011! If i would have cleaned up my diet a long time ago, i would have probably reached my goal by now. But eh, you live and you learn. I am happy to say that the vast majority of this weight loss came from my upper body, I'm not one of those who want to shrink those thighs, what i have been targeting the most! My whole goal has been to get my arms and my chest down to a decent size and i am proud to say that this is happening. This computer that i am currently typing from doesn't have my end results measurements but i can tell you that from June To July I mostly lost inches. At the end of July and early August, i kicked it up a notch by doing Insanity AND Running in the same day. I would run in the morning and do Insanity at night. For burning fats some people uses fat burners but they had lots of side effects, To learn about the side effects of fat burners visit this website. I cut out the carbs but not completely. I just scaled back on them....a whole lot. I would maybe eat a sandwich a week but for the most part i was a vegetable FANATIC! Every meal, i had vegetables. Although the vast majority of my meal did consist of just vegetables and meat. Some of the things i ate a lot of were:
  • Mixed vegetables with eggs ( i know it sounds gross but it was actually a pretty good breakfast)
  • Turkey Meatloaf
  • Corn ( I love corn)
  • Green Beans
  • Red beans ( little to no rice)
  • Turkey bacon or sausage
  • Green Tea ( sweeten with honey and a tad bit of sugar)
  • 8 + cups of water a day
  • Salad from MCd's everyday ( I was working there so i got a free lunch everyday. I always ate either the Caesar Chicken Salad with extra chicken or the Asian Chicken Salad , of course with extra chicken)
As much as i LOVE LOVE LOVE cereal and milk, i had to cut back on both so if i didn't have green tea with my breakfast, i drank water. Yes i did slip a few times. While i was at work i would very rarely get some fries with my salad ( i know right) or i would get a Mocha Frappe ( they are so damn good!). But other than that, this is the gist of what i ate. Also, i found out that S'Mores are only 140 calories a piece......~pause~ .... so you know it was on right? I would treat myself to maybe four every other week because as bad as i want to sit here and lie to you and tell you that i stayed away from sugar I CAN'T! I have tried. Mind you, im not half as bad as i used to be ( except when lady red would visit) but i still can't stay away from the sugar. But my moto was i will earn what i eat. So i if i ate something that day that i know i shouldn't have, i would run that much faster or do insanity that much harder that day. I could not imagine letting my progress go down the drain because of my lack of self-control. I took it one day at a time and my moto was "I'm not there yet, but i am closer than i was yesterday". Needless to say when i got back to New Orleans, all my friends and fam were like "Wow look at all the weight you have lost" "Gab, where did you disappear too" "Yall look i walked in front Gabby, you can't see her no more" (My aunt Netta) When i started, i struggled with 2 mile runs in an hour, now i average 3 miles in between 30 - 40 mins! I slacked on Insanity because doing both was giving me results but LAWD it was killing me. I stayed with both for like 3 weeks but i would be lying if i said Insanity didn't help me catapult out of my plateau that i had been in for MONTHS! It gave me the push i needed. I will resume it when i get to the 160 mark but for now, i'm gonna run the world. I don't have to sit here and tell you that my boobs shrunk, you can def see that for yourself! Trust me i will be keeping my old bras for souvenirs. When i started this journey, i was a size 36 G/38 F. I am pretty sure i am closing in on a DD.  I used to be in X-LARGE shirts, i now wear mediums. Pants were a size 14, i now wear a 10. But like i said, i dont have to tell you that, check the pics! Goals Reached October 2010: Was 200lbs , started running and couldn't run a mile August 211: Now 171 lbs, can run 3 miles in 30 mins Total Weight loss : 30 lbs!! POW! Next short term goal -  10lbs , get into a D CUP, run 4miles in 30mins ( only managed to do this once) Accomplish by October Long term goal - The last 20lbs, C cup, 5 miles in 45 minutes . Accomplish by January

Forget what ya heard hun, BLACK GIRLS RUN!

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