Im sorry (not really) but im not buying this item. Oh .... its only $10 bucks you say???? Well i guess thats 10 more bucks in my pocket...... My bandwagon days are over and i have to have a damn good reason to jump on the next 1. So until its not a brush without a handle, im not spending my money on it. It seems like everybody in the natural hair community has this thing... PSSH OH WELL! But guess who doesn't care??? Just guess??? Yea..... ME! I don't... So instead of wasting my hard earned money on the is item,ill just read and share reviews of others who have wasted... i mean spent their money on this this item because just because you take the handle of a brush and use a word Barney gave you for it, doesnt mean i want to buy it. But if you DO HAVE THIS ITEM,PLEASE come out of lurk mode and comment and tell me what you think about it. What it worth your money or would you send it back? How is it any different then a denman brush? I want to hear from you guys!
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