During the 30 Day Grow Your Fro Protective Style Challenge, myself and MariaAntoniete TV will be uploading videos via Youtube of protective styles to help you along the way! As you all have called it, the "Strawberricurls CinnaBun" has been on of my most highly requested style tutorials. It's also one of my quickest protective styles. I usually do it on stretched hair and it NEVER comes out the same. I can do this style 20 different times and it's going to come out different every time.

And she's just getting started #NaturalHair #Strawberricurls #BrownGirlsBeat

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Same hairstyle, different result
  B.E.A.T by @makeupbyjuji #MaidOfHonor   A photo posted by Strawberricurls (@strawberricurls) on
    Check out the tutorial for my "Cinnabun" protective style!       There have been some questions in the Google + community about what an actual protective style is. What is a protective style? A protective style is a low manipulation hairstyle that hides your ends from wear and tear, the elements, and anything else that can put strain on them and cause breakage. The ends of your hair is how you retain length, not the root so you MUST take care of them in order to see progress in your hair growth journey. What are the benefits of protective styles for natural hair? Low maintenance: This will benefit your hair type. There is no need for much of combing, twisting etc. The hair retains length better when it is left alone especially if you aim to have more length. So low maintenance is one of the main benefits of protective style.

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