Here is a fellow blogger of mine that goes by the name of Naturally Leslie. The girl’s hair is phenominal and she is personally 1 of my hair idols. She did a tutorial on the how to twist and curl your hair when its dry: Hello all! I love my two strand twists and twist outs but I wanted to try something different this time around. So, I decided to try out Curly Nikki’s signature style- the one and only Twist N Curl! I have tried it before on wet hair but this was the first time trying it on dry hair. I bought these bigger rollers (perm rods really) at the beauty supply store. Before rolling, I wet the ends with a spray leave-in conditioner and sealed them with my CocoShea mix. I slept in those huge rollers overnight (was not an easy task!) and when I awoke, these were my results! This was after it had been down all day en semi-humid conditions. I put a scarf around it to get it off my face since I OD’d on the CocoShea mix. It was getting all over my face and that is a no no! So all in all I really like it, specially after putting some of my Shea Butter Coconut Hair Curling Cream. I had been rocking these twists for a few days and wanted to spice it up before I untwisted them. It was very fluffy and bouncy and I got some compliments. So overall, it was worth it and I will definitely try the dry Twist N Curl again! Thanks Nikki!
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