What is your name and what do you do?
My name is Kenneth Cummings. I'm a photographer and photojournalist for The Jackson Sun newspaper in Jackson, TN.
How long have you been growing out your locs?
As of when this interview was emailed to me (February 8, 2011): Last Haircut -- February 2008 First Twists (to start locs): May 2, 2008 Total: Hair length -- 3 Years; Lock length 2 Years and 2 Months Who is your loctician? Her name is Cynthia; she's 80+ miles from where I live currently. She offers great cuts for men, but her specialty is the D'Locks (You just can't trust everyone with your hair)
What is your regimen for your locs?
Honestly? Nothing. I go see her every 3 months to get them re-twisted.
Have your locs ever hindered you professionally?
Never! My first twist date was the day before my college graduation; I started my current career in March of 2010; my co-workers, supervisor, and bosses have no issue with mine. I just gotta make sure they stay clean.
Any advice to someone just starting out on their journey
BE PATIENT! I know a lot of people that want length NOW, but hate the "mid-way" stage. Gotta crawl before you walk; also, try to stick with the same person who did your locks the first time.
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