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Bio: Jermaine McGhee is professional football player and aspiring model, originally from Oakland, CA. He graduated from Prairie View University, where he majored in Criminal Justice and was the 2007 MVP, two time first team All-American, Male Athlete of the year, and ranked best in the nation in defensive sacks for his sportsmanship as a college football player. He was the first player from Prairie View to head to the NFL in over 30 years. He has played for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008, and the Buffalo Bills from 2009-2010, but following an injury and surgery has returned to football as a free agent. McGhee is an extremely positive and optimistic person and describes himself as a loving family man, husband, father, brother, and friend. He started his journey with locs seven years ago, though it took two years before his hair completely loc'd. Since then, he states, he loves his locs and he's not going to cut them anytime soon. With a dazzling personality and striking good looks, he's bound to win hearts as both a passionate football player and as a heart stopping model. [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="1766,1767,1768,5096" orderby="rand"] Name : Jermaine Mcghee How long have you been growing out your locs? 7-6 years now Who is your loctician? My Wife What is your regimen for your locs? I wash every two weeks, oil the scalp and the locs, sister locked ones every 2 months, and palm roll once a month. Have your locs ever hindered you professionally? No, but sometimes during the games they will pull my locs hahahaha How do you feel about the natural hair movement taking place amongst african american women? I love it. My wife has locs and i love that now “we” as a culture are embracing our hair and loving our hair. Its a little sad that it has to be a movement for “us” to wear our own hair and be proud of our afro’s and locs.. Any advice to someone just starting out on their journey? Yeah, take your time don’t rush it. Its a process and you have to go through a stage that you might not like, hahahaha but you will love your locs when that process is over. Don’t get your hair done that often, just  let it loc leave it alone for awhile. Let it knot up, enjoy the journey and welcome to the loc family. Blessings

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