What is your name and what is your profession?
Brandon Mercadel Tattoo artist Model
How long have you been growing out your locs?
7 years
Who is your loctician?
I take care of them myself due to me being tender headed. I can't take someone else twisting my locs.
What is your regimen for your locs?
I try to twist them once a month and moisturize 3 times a week. Sometimes I forget and they take charge on their own. I have to dedicate a full day to my locs when its
time for a retwist. The wash takes about 15 mins. Then I deep condition with a plastic bag or shower cap for an hour, that way my locs are soft and smell good. I go back and forth between air drying and blow drying. I leave them a little damp if I'm going to plait them. The dry and twisting part are the most time-consuming parts, but I love my locs so i deal with it.
Have your locs ever hindered you professionally?
I had a job offer once for this hotel and they ask was I willing to cut my locs. You know my answer bc I still have them lol. I don't feel that hair should play a factor in anyone profession. If you have good ppl skills and good work ethics you should be good but that's not the case. For a long time I felt like my locs kept me from getting a job. Now that I model and do tattoos I don't have that to worry about. Every designer I have worked with love my look and my locs play a big part of that.
Any advice to someone just starting out on their journey*
Ahhh have patience young grasshopper in due time. Don't be so anxious just go with the flow. Try not to worried bout them so much and before you know it you'll be at a dropping stage.
Is there anywhere else we can find you?
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