Hola! If you follow me on any social media platform, then you know that i recently started cosmetology school a little under 3 weeks ago. This will actually be my 3rd week and i have got to tell you all that i am sooo happy! It has been awhile since i was actually excited about school and i must say that everyday that i go, i cannot believe that i am there. It is so exciting and so new to me and SO worth it. Most people have asked me on social media does my school teach how to care for natural hair. The answer is no. This community is still something new to everyone and though those involved in it maybe used to it, everyone is not. The education has not expanded to that yet. Now on to school details. So far i have done roller sets, increased layer cuts, virgin and retouch relaxers( put down the stones), and a couple other things that i can't think of off the top of my head lol. It has been a big learning experience for me so far because i am no longer used to dealing with straight hair so it's like reprogramming myself all over again. I use blow dryers and curling irons all the time and it's starting to get a little easier for me. The other day i had to use the stove irons and O.M.G. I cannot believe how nervous i was. They aren't like your average hot tools. They get really hot like a hot comb and you cannot touch the tip. I let go of one side and almost freaked completely out. The more i did it, the easier it got but man was i(and still am) nervous. My instructor is awesome. She shows genuine concern for her students and my classmates are phenominal. Everyone is so helpful and when i'm in there, i am like a sponge. I try to learn everything that everyone has to offer because each person brings something different to the table. Once i am done with my first 200 hours, i graduate from that class, then go to the next chapter and after that i get a "chair" on the salon floor even though i have already been on the floor already. I was really comfortable down there. I have no idea what it is but i do hair but it's like once i got into an education setting, my hands started sweating and i became so nervous lol... i'm retarded. And please believe people with natural hair walk in there all the time but for the most part, they want to get their hair straightened and i did get my chance to help one out with her hair. So far it has been a great experience and the breath of fresh air that i REALLY , i mean REALLY needed. I was begging for change and i'd been looking for somewhere to do it. I cannot lie, as excited as i was to go, i was afraid but decided to follow my passion regardless of my mental opposition. I want to be able to specialize in natural hair styling, cutting , and coloring. Oh and do i love me some color. But most importantaly healthy hair care. That's big for me. I will try my best to keep you all updated at all times. I have even gotten request to do a video on my experience in cosmo school and i probably will but yall have to bear with me because yall know how i get once in school. FOCUSED. HHJ Ladies!
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