What’s your name?
Krystle Eva Harris

When did you get your 1st relaxer? 
I got my first relaxer when I was 5.

Did your mom get it down or did you ask for it to be done?
My mom was tired of me giving her a hard time when she was doing my hair in it’s Natural state so she relaxed my hair unfortunately.

If you have kids, would you relax their hair? Why or why not? I do not plan on relaxing my kids hair when I have children. Reason being is because I would want my child to stand out and teach him/her that being different from others and not following the crowd or norm makes people remember you as an individual. I don’t think they would fully understand it as a child but the older they get the more they will understand why I raised them with Natural hair, and once they are old enough to make their own decisions then they can chose to remain natural or not. Let hope they do! ;)

Have you ever been able to recover the length you had as a kid whether relaxed or natural?
I recovered my length in high school from when I was a child with relaxed hair but once relaxers started to irritate my scalp my hair became more and more stressed and I lost my length. However, I got a short haircut before my Big Shop that I loved so much but of course I could not continue getting relaxers so I made a BOLD decision to go #TEAMNATURAL! I’m three months in and I have forever to go! :)  

Additional Comments: I must say I am VERY happy I became a Natural! It is truly a wonderful and amazing journey that I gain more love for each and every day. My scalp is doing Great and my hair is growing healthy and fast. #TeamNatural is a Blessing filled with so much Positive Energy and a Huge community of Love, Peace, and Happiness!

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