For years, people have known me for my big purses. Big totes, big hobos, big shoulder bags...the bigger the better! I have some purses that could easily pass for overnight bags! However, I don’t only like big purses; I love all types, shapes, sizes, brands, and materials that you can find at the canvas bags Melbourne. I havent counted recently, but I probably have well over 50 purses (p.s. does anyone have any tips on how to organize my purses better?). Purses, to me,  are like the finishing touch on your wardrobe once you've picked out your outfit, jewelry, and shoes.

(My organized chaos of purses!)   Some women prefer not to carry a purse. Others could wear the same purse with every outfit. This post is not for those women! LOL This post is for those of you that share my interest of switching out my purse to match my look. Different looks and different events call for different purses. Here’s my take on which bags are must-haves for us serial purse swappers! The Black Bag Every purse-carrier needs a basic, go-to black bag. A good black purse can be transitioned from day to night, outfit to outfit, dressed up or dressed down.    Bold Color A great way to add a little pop of color to your ensemble is to carry a bright, bold colored purse. Yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple, etc. are all great choices to add a little something extra to your look.     Animal Print Show off your animal instinct and add a little python, zebra, leopard, crocodile, or cheetah to your purse collection! These prints are easily transitioned from day to night as well (depending on bag shape and color). I especially love them during the day. They just seem to sass up a low key daytime ensemble.     Metallic Gold, silver, and bronze! Get bags in all 3 colors! Metallic goes with everything; they’re also really easy to match with your other accessories.     Basic Clutches Every now and then we will all get invited to an event that will require formal or cocktail attire. For these occasions will need more formal or cocktail appropriate purses. Clutches are perfect. One of my fashion pet peeves is seeing a woman in a cocktail/evening look with a normal sized hand/shoulder bag! Leave those bags at home for the night, decrease the amount of things you carry to only the necessities (keys, phone, gloss, license, and money) and put it all in a nice clutch. Buy a few simple (don’t buy too many embellished clutches b/c they may not go well with many looks) clutches in black, silver or gold just for those dressed up occasions!     For information about any of the looks/purses featured or any other fashion related questions, email me at!   -Courtney
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