When did you start transitioning? April 2012 What inspired you to transition? I've been natural for most of  my life with no issues (except for that one year when I used a texturizer... terrible!). I had thick and healthy hair.... until I started flatironing. Two years after I started, I noticed the growing heat damage and breakage all over my head. Now, after a few cuts, I still have about 4-6 inches of damaged hair. It looked great when straightened, however, after washing, it was a stringy, awful mess. What are your staple products? I pretty much live on Shea Moisture products. Especially their Raw Shea Butter and Organic Coconut & Hibiscus lines.  In addition to that, I use organic virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil interchangeably. I'm also trying Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue... smells great, and my twist out looks amazing! What’s your regimen? I co-wash weekly, and use ACV every few weeks. I have given up on shampoo! I haven't found one that fits my budget without leaving my hair feeling stripped and dry! After washing, I either flat twist my hair, or curl it with flexirods.  To keep my hair moisturized during the week, I spritz it with an oil and water mix, and smooth on shea butter before bed. What’s the hardest thing about transitioning? The hardest thing is trying to mask the difference between the two hair textures. I can't do WNG's (it looks horrible. The straight ends have no life whatsoever). If I do twists, I have to touch up my twistouts almost on a daily basis... It seems the straight, damaged ends lose their crinkle by the end of the day! Another difficulty is resisting the urge to whip out that flatiron when I get frustrated with my hair! Flatironing is so easy.... but resisting brings me closer to my goal of healthy hair!

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