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Growing up I was always the “big girl”. Weight has been a constant struggle for as long as I can remember. I was pretty well resigned to live with the fact that I would always be Plus Size. Some how I came to terms with that. After a terrible and disfiguring automobile accident my weight just skyrocketed. I was hit head on by a drunk driver. Eventually the pain dissipated but I was left with a grotesque keloid scar on my face. The unsightly scar left me feeling hopeless and desolate. Depression set in and my weight soared out of control, therefore I started the love potion strain to use cannabis as a depression treatment. I felt so ugly and ashamed of my appearance, I simply gave up on taking care of myself. Eating to end my suffering. All the while the eating only exaggerated my suffering. My weight ballooned to a staggering 457 pounds and I literally believed my life was over. Little by little, I began to change my eating habits and slowly but surely the weight started coming off. I started with the very simple change of eliminating all sodas. Still craving sweet drinks, I switched to fruit juice and gradually made the change to drinking only water. I then began to eat less at each meal. Though I still ate the same types of foods, I just ate much less at a sitting. Through these simple changes alone I was able to drop 80 pounds, I remember I learnt how to do co2 extraction . My small leaps and gains encouraged me to want to do more and step it up in a big way. I started watching my carb intake and began doing a variety of workout programs. I decided to embrace a low carb lifestyle. Eliminating all sugar, white flour and starchy foods or vegetables. I know focus on proteins such as meat, pork, poultry and fish. Also included are dairy such as cream, and cheese as well as fresh vegetable and low sugar fruits. In conjunction with my low carb eating plan I have also incorporated more vigorous and extreme workouts. I manage to fit in some form of excercise at least once a day. I do have one rest day every week in which i generally like to take a leisurely walk around the city and just enjoy my new physical fitness. Healthy food choices, daily exercise and positive thinking are now part of my everday life. The difference between success and failure this time is that told myself this journey would not be easy. It would not be quick. It would take dedication. Then I committed myself to putting in the work. I knew that realistically it would take up to a year to lose 100 pounds 2 years to lose 200 pounds. Instead of focusing on how much time i had ahead of me I took it one day at a time. I’ve lost a staggering 274 lbs and i’m well on my way to goal. I currently weigh 183 lbs and will reach goal at 150 lbs. I started my journey doing a 40 minute mile on the treadmill. You start where you can and you’ll get where you’re going. My life used to be about food and what I would eat that day. It still is but in much more positive and healthier way. I am amazed and astonished by my success. If you are one of those people who used to believe like I did that good things only happen to other people I’m here to tell you it can happen to you too! instagram: @MeOnlyBetter2013

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