No no no I am not pregnant. The title kind of caught you off guard huh?? I went to dinner with my favorite guy (my dad) or as one of my facebook followers called him, "DaddyCurls". It was me, myself,and my sisters. We are always so busy that we rarely have time to just sit down and enjoy dinner with my father so when we did, he was suspicious. Dad: Ok so we have eaten what's this about? Me: Why does have to be all that? Why we can't just have dinner? Dad: Nah I know something is up.. what is it? Me: Well we came here to tell you that, we are pregnant..... all of us Jackie (my sister): Well I'm pregnant..... personally Carla (my other sister): Personally?? LOL! Me: What other way would you be pregnant if not personally??? Mind you, NONE of us are pregnant. Jackie is a college student who goes to Tulane university and is only 18. Carla is 20 and also working and in college and well me... yall already know me. Needless to say my Dad found the entire conversation entertaining. We had a little family day at Drago's restaurant and babbyyy when I tell you that food was so good. Our waiter was entertaining I had, I believe it was called, the Lobster Empire. I think that was the name don't quote me on that. Anyway, it was amazing and I finished it off with a hot fudge brownie sunday. Look don't judge me, everything about that brownie was right... everything. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the char grilled oysters that were COMPLETELY AWESOME but I will let that just linger in your mind and let you fantasize about how they may have looked or tasted. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5513,5512,5511,5510,5509,5507"] My Saturday was fun filled as well. I went to Corks and Canvas in Metarie,LA with my lovely sisters of Hash-Fa-Ah-Nashiym translated to "Influential Women". The original name is Hebrew. Our organization is new and it's a non-profit organization to inspire young women to realize not only their worth but to show them you can be young and fun and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and you don't have to be ashamed of it. We are based at Temple Zion Church. This was our first bonding event but I have known these women all my life and they are life long family and friends. And OMG is that Million Dollar Makeup with me?! We popped some bubbly and painted with the help of our instructor, who by the way can paint much better than I ever could. We had our own food and fun. So yes my weekend was spent with my family and I had a blast! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5519,5518,5517,5516,5515,5521"]

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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